Best NHL Defensemen Of All-Time

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In the sport of hockey, a good defense is the key to winning games and championships. While there have been many great defenseman over time, there are a few defenseman that should be considered the best ever in NHL history.

One of the best defenseman of all time is Ray Bourque, who played the majority of his career with the Boston Bruins. Borque played in over 1,600 games over his career, scored over times, and had nearly 1,200 assists, making him Read more…

NHL Players By Home Country

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Hockey is a sport that’s popular in many countries. The National Hockey League is widely known as one of the premier hockey associations in the world. Because of this, many hockey players from around the world come to play in the United States. From Asia to Europe, the international community has been very influential in how the sport is played today.

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky is one of the best hockey players to ever set foot in the United States. Read more…

Most Memorable NHL Power Plays Of All-Time

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Hockey is just one of those sports that fans go crazy over. You might find yourself catching up on all your favorite players and games whenever they are on television. Unfortunately, you might not be able to watch everything on television if you are not home to be there when it is on. There are a few different ways for you to catch up on all the NHL Power Plays of all-time while you’re on the run. One way to accomplish Read more…

The Story of Lord Stanley Preston

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Frederick Arthur Stanley was born in London, England in 1841. He would become the Earl of Derby. He became known as Lord Stanley of Preston when he was named a Baron.

Lord Stanley began his career of service to his country as an officer in the British Army rising to the rank of captain. Upon leaving the army, he served as a member of the British Parliament with the Conservative Party from 1865 through 1886. During this time, Lord Stanley Read more…

Best And Worst NHL Referees

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Every sport has good officiating and flat out ugly officials. The NHL is no different, and here we examine a couple of the best and worst.

When Andy Van Hellemond waived off Joe Sakic’s team advancing goal against the Rangers back in ’95, he assured himself a place in NHL history as one of the worst officials of all time. He didn’t just have one gaffe, he has a history of them, which doesn’t help his case.

Mick McGeough couldn’t ever Read more…

Best NHL Fights Of All-Time

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The NHL is the only professional sport that fighting isn’t the object of the game, that doesn’t do much to discourage brawling amongst the players. Let’s review some of the best brawls in NHL history. In October of 2011, Arron Asham of the Penguins literally put his fighting opponent, the Caps’ Jay Beagle to sleep with a slew of punches to the head. After Asham finished the job, he made a sleeping motion to the crowd, rubbing even more salt in the wound. One of the longest lasting battles was between Bryan Marchment and Craig Rivet back in 2004. Almost five full minutes of hay makers, leaving both men bloodied, made for extra entertainment besides the hockey game itself. The most lopsided fight of the last 20 years was between Joey Kocur and Mike Eagles. After a collision on the boards and some exchange of words, Kocur absolutely throttled Eagles, using his fists and the glass as a backboard, Directv savings, to put Eagles down and out in a hurry, and leaving him seeing stars. Goalies make fights in hockey comical, but a great one occurred when Chris Osgood whipped on Patrick Roy during the height of the Avs/Red Wings rivalry.